Whiskey Sour 3
Whiskey has been the talk of the town recently with Crown Royal’s Northern Rye Reserve being voted as the best whiskey in the world by Jim Murray’s “Whisky Bible” creating quite a stirring debate among connoisseurs of various styles of whiskey . This was the first time a Canadian Whisky won the award, leaving fans of Scotch quite disappointed. Personally, I judge a whiskey by it’s taste than the region though I am unapologetic about being biased towards smoky or peaty flavor in whiskey.

Though I enjoy a good whiskey without any mixers, whiskey cocktails are always a show stopper. Let’s face it, sometimes you do not have the good stuff with you and are really bored with clear alcohol based cocktails. That is when a good whiskey sour always comes to rescue. Though it can be made with any whiskey and I have experimented with pretty much everything, I feel you should stay true to it’s roots and make it with a good classic bourbon. No a top shelf craft bourbon like Pappy Van Winkle but rather a more commercial one like Woodford Reserve, Maker’s Mark or Buffalo Trace. The classic whiskey sour involves using lemon juice, I have used fresh grapefruit juice in this recipe. The bitter-sour taste of grapefruit with a mild hint of sweetness really works well with the whiskey. Do not be worried about using raw egg white as recommended in the recipe, the alcohol will kill off any germs so you can be at peace. Another tip on the whiskey sour, do not ever buy a sour mix which are downright repulsive. It is best to keep it simple and use fresh ingredients for the best taste.

Whiskey Sour


  • 2 parts Bourbon
  • 1 part fresh Grapefruit Juice
  • 1/2 part simple syrup
  • 1/2 part egg white
  • Orange slice to garnish

1. Put all the ingredients barring garnish in a shaker and shake well for 20-30 seconds so that the liquid mixture is nice and chilled.

2. Fill an old fashioned with ice cubes ( depending on your tastes, I usually prefer less ice) and strain the mixture over the ice. Garnish with lemon as shown in the picture and serve.
Whiskey Sour 1

Whiskey Sour with Grapefruit Juice