Recently I was invited to the new menu tasting at Fava, a Mediterranean themed restaurant located in UB City, Bangalore. Fava has a unique commitment  towards using local and organic products in order to promote sustainability and sourcing some of the artisanal products from the respective countries of origin in order to maintain authenticity.


The restaurant design and layout reflects the products and the goals of the business, it’s a casual open cafe concept with both outdoor and indoor seating, quite spacious and well lit. They have a bar with a DJ playing, with the music matching the settings of the evening . The restaurant has a modern chic feel and looks perfect for a relaxed dinner or a date night. The music isn’t loud which is a huge bonus especially if you are looking to enjoy a good time with friends and family. Additionally they have an ice cream counter at the entrance of the restaurant where you can see liquid nitrogen infused ice creams being made, a nice touch for the guests.

  • Exterior View


The new menu consisted of appetizers representing various regions of Mediterranean and the Middle East. Among the dishes served were Gözleme stuffed with ricotta and Swiss chard (there was a meat version with lamb mince), cottage cheese and vegetable skewers with dukkah, polenta crusted crispy rolls with goat cheese , Joojeh kebabs with cucumber pomegranate salad , Krauker sausage with potatoes and sunny side up egg and crispy calamari with lemon, dill and tahini dip. The Gözleme definitely stood out as one couldn’t taste the bitterness of the swiss chard when combined with the ricotta. The joojeh kebabs were very juicy and it was nice to see chicken thighs being used instead of the breast. However , the most innovative of the lot was the cottage cheese skewers with the dukkah. Dukkah is typically a nut and herb based spice mix which is used for dips or simply to mop up bread with olive oil, this was a very unique and interesting use of dukkah on a grilled skewer!

  • Gozleme stuffed with swiss chard and Ricotta

The one dish which stood out above the rest was the Grilled Deep Sea Prawn with black seasame. Soft succulent prawns, grilled to perfection had a very sweet almost lobster like taste. If there is one dish for which you must visit Fava , it will be the grilled prawns!  Of course it would be very difficult to have just one dish here especially with the new menu!

Grilled Deep Sea Prawns with Black Seasame

Mezze : 

For the mezze I had selected the Smoked Salmon labneh with dill , paprika and capers. The labneh had a subtle hint of sweetness which perfectly complimented the smoky and salty salmon, a truly wonderful dish.

Smoked Salmon Labneh

I also had the opportunity to dig into the Beetroot Mezze with Burrata . The dish is called “Father Michael’s Valombrossa Burrata” named after cheesemaker Father KL Michael who was the first Indian to be selected into the Vallombrosan Benedictine Confederation, known in India as the monk who makes cheese. The Burrata unsurprisingly was heavenly and the beetroot yogurt based mezze topped with a sprinkling of dukkah and amranth was truly one of the best dishes of the night!

Beetroot Mezze with Burrata


For the pasta I had ordered the tenderloin and ricotta manti. The dish was topped with labneh and served with a smoked tomato sauce and pistachio for texture. This Turkish dish was highly underrated and didn’t get as much attention as it should have but it was truly an outstanding and very authentic preparation, this is probably the third time I am having a manti and they never tend to disappoint. The labneh topping was quite unique and added an extra layer of flavor.

Tenderloin and Ricotta Manti

Main Course

For the main course I went with the pistachio and walnut crusted halibut served with grilled veggies and a arugula parsley based sauce. I had a bit of mixed feelings about this dish, while the sauce was brilliant the fish was a bit on the drier side . The grilled veggies compliment the fish quite well and the crust had a good texture.

Pistachio and Walnut Crusted Halibut


I must admit I am not big on desserts, however I do like creative desserts which aren’t very sweet. Perhaps in what was the dish of the night , Black Pepper & Chia Seeds Pannacotta with Red Grape I would have to change my opinion on desserts. The dish was nothing short of brilliant , the chia seeds provided an excellent texture and the pepper provided the hint of spice which made the panacotta quite extraordinary. Additionally, pictured below are the Caramel and Chocolate Flan which wasn’t too sweet and the Passion Fruit and Coconut tart which was very well balanced with the sweetness of coconut and the acidity of passion fruit.

  • Chia Seed and Black Pepper Panacotta

The new menu at Fava definitely lives upto the expectations , is simple yet creative and has a wide range of options. The hospitality provided by the Fava team will make you feel welcome and overall the experience was a positive one.

Disclaimer: The new menu tasting was an event invite and not a restaurant review under regular service hours. Images courtesy the Fava Management.


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New Menu Tasting : Fava