How can you do without a great beverage ? You need a drink not only to accompany your food but also because drinks in their own way tantalize your taste buds. The focus of this section of my blog would be to bring you my own cocktail recipes, reviews of great drinks I come across and history of brewing in the human race. Drinks and food are inseparable. When you sit with your buddies and crack open a cold beer you always wish for some food to go with it, something sinful fried, salty oftentimes bordering greasy. Of course ,when you are eating wings you look for a cold glass of beer to wash it down , don’t you? Life comes a full circle. Many old cliches hold good, like enjoying white wine with fish and seafood and red wine with meat. You however should not be restricted by norms and conventions, be adventurous! Your taste is the best judge of what works for you. Recommendations can help shape opinion however , hence to not be hesitant to be bold. For example in the recipe for North African Braised Lamb Shank my recommendation is a mojito instead of red wine, simply because the spicy bold flavors of the dish needs a cooling element which red wine seldom provides, mojito always does! So, sit back and enjoy some heady cocktail recipes and the best spirits I come across ! A list of my beverages can be found here.