I love to cook and I also love to discuss about food and how it affects us. In this section I will bring you the best eats I come across, cultural trends , origins and history of dishes and how the evolution process of dining has occurred. In today’s world the purpose of food isn’t just for our nutrition, or has it always been the case? Personally, I think there were elements to a food centric culture which paved the way for a gastronomic heritage since ancient times. If the purpose of food was nutrition alone would we have different types of foods based on occasions? Feasts in ancient times signified celebration and food served as a way of bringing a community together to celebrate the occasion or the harvest as they case maybe. Over the years dining experiences have evolved, new frontiers have come up and new challenges are being faced by humans. Restaurants and take outs are no longer the sole authority on eating out, the trend of street food and food trucks are being seen in cultures where they were traditionally not common challenging human imagination as well as making eating out a pleasurable experience. In today’s world humans do not want to be confined by a set of restrictive ideas. Unsurprisingly food has a strong influence on pop culture. Whether it’s Andy Warhol’s famous “Campbell Soup Cans” or Family Guy’s “Peanut Butter Jelly Time”, references to food in pop culture and exclusive cooking shows and competitions as a part of mainstream media has become a part and parcel of our life. In this section my primary focus would be on reviewing the best eats I come across, discussing the evolution and origin of dishes as well as the best “food moments”in pop culture.

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