I love food and more importantly I love to cook, hence recipes would be the major focus of this blog. How one approaches food and the thought process behind it is reflected through recipes. For example a simple fix under thirty minutes is perfect for the weeknight dinner, and a slow braised cut of meat gives you the feeling of a grand dish without having to hover around the kitchen constantly. I personally love to cook my own recipes, use inspiration from existing recipes or re-create classic dishes as an homage. I have been often asked which is my favorite cuisine, my answer has always been the same “Why put labels on food? Good food is good food, judge the dish for it’s taste!” , and my personal experience suggests innovation can and does respect tradition. For example the dish below is an homage to the classic Wiener Schnitzel, however it uses a lentil crust instead of breadcrumbs for extra crunch, Togarashi a Japanese spice for seasoning and is served with a roasted corn salsa which is primarily Mexican influenced.


My cooking style is pretty simple, all dishes are home made and you can make them at home too! Do not worry, there is no liquid nitrogen, sous-vide, foam etc involved. Those are best left to the professionals! You can draw inspiration from these dishes and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

A list of existing recipes can be found here.